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Thank you for using our Online Booking service – here you can reserve any forthcoming sessions and save £’s off our standard prices. .

  • To protect you from fraud, you will need to show us the card used to make payment on arrival. If you cannot present the card, an alternative payment will be taken, plus a £5 charge to cover our third party costs for refunding the original payment.
  • You must arrive 30 minutes before the stated session time to sign in and attend the mandatory Safety Briefing. Drivers arriving late will not be permitted to participate, and no refund will be available. All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
25/04/2015 19:15 Evening Arrive&Drive 20mins 16yrs+ £30.50 [ 1 of 15 Left ]
25/04/2015 19:15 Evening D-MAX Arrive&Drive 20mins 16yrs+ £42.50 [ 4 of 10 Left ]
25/04/2015 19:45 Evening Arrive&Drive 20mins 16yrs+ £30.50 [ 9 of 15 Left ]
25/04/2015 19:45 Evening D-MAX Arrive&Drive 20mins 16yrs+ £42.50 [ 6 of 10 Left ]

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